domingo, 1 de febrero de 2009

HOW CLASSY F is for fendi


F is Fuentes, Julia Fuentes.

F is for fun.

F is for fast.

F is for fiction.

F id for flirt.

F is for felicidad.

F is for female.

F is for FENDI.


                                                                                                        resort 2009


IN 1925, the house of FENDI is born with the establishment of the first handbag shop and fur workshop in Via del Plebiscito, Rome. 






CURRENTLY, Fendi has over 160 boutiques in some 25 countries around the world. Karl Lagerfeld is the creative director.



                                                                              spring summer 09

Una de  las marcas mas clásicas, que siempre a estado ahí como símbolo de elegancia.


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Buen Post ;)

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Hello there,
I came across your blog and very much enjoyed.
Please come and visit mine too!
It's a fashion blog with outfits and blurbs inspired by Portobello Road, London.
I hope you enjoy it!